Monday, August 18, 2014

August 17th - Sunday Again - Already!

Boy, the weeks sure fly by.  It seems like I just wrote a Sunday post and here it is again!  The thing about Sunday posts is that they are all pretty much the same.  So, here goes again - but wait, is there something different today?

Morning was usual - resting, getting ready for church, etc.  Sacrament meeting was really good.  Our elder's quorum president gave a fabulous talk, followed by the stake president, who has been visiting every ward in the stake.  His talk was also very good.

During Sunday School, I set up even though there wasn't a class today.  And I was excited that someone came in for help!  She is a young girl who joined the church about a year ago and then married the young man who introduced her to the gospel.  They both had just graduated from high school, and he is deaf, but they seem to be doing well.  She is really cute and very sharp.  In fact, they will be moving out to Utah in a couple of weeks to start school at UVU.  Sure hope they do well!  She has been trying to start her family history, but she had some questions.  She had not set up an LDS account, so we went to the clerk and got her membership number and that is set up.  She had already entered through her grandparents, who are all still living.  We were able to address some of the other things that she wondered about, so hopefully she is on her way.

The kids didn't come over for dinner today, as we had a farewell to go to for a family that is moving.  They just put their only child into UGA and they are moving back to Charleston, where they both grew up.  They have been close friends and we will miss them.  She was the Relief President that I recently served with.  It was a nice get together and we enjoyed chatting with them and with the others that were there.

So - there was something different today, after all!

It is also Billy's birthday, but we couldn't get him on the phone to wish him happy birthday.  Sure hope he knew we thought of him!

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