Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 5th - Lunch with the Kiddos!

Usual morning stuff, with me finally just sitting at the computer doing some things, when Lisa called and said they were on their way to lunch at a Mexican place near my house.  So, I joined them and we had a great lunch.  Brooks wanted to sit outside on their patio, which we did.  It was warm, but with the fans, it was actually quite pleasant.  We were the only ones out there, so the kids got to run around a little once they finished eating.  That does make for a much more pleasant meal!

I came back home after lunch and worked some more on my little odds and ends projects.  I talked to my friend Paula on the phone for quite a while.  We are supposed to be in charge of our 50th high school reunion next year and the place we had reserved has changed hands and we are looking for some place else.  That may not be a big deal most places, but when your home town only has 3500 people, there are not a lot of venues!  We have some leads, though.

Bill got home a little earlier this evening, so after a little relaxing time, we tackled the shelves that we bought at IKEA last week.  We got two of them put together and they are really nice.  I will work on emptying some boxes and filling up the shelves before we put the other three together.  Little by little we are making progress on the new art room!

And that was pretty much my day!

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