Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 2nd - Grandkids for the weekend!

We hustled around this morning, trying to get chores done before the kiddos arrived for the weekend.  They were so excited when they got here, rolling their overnight bags behind them.  So cute!

We spent the rest of the afternoon just playing.  Brooks tried to nap, but he just couldn't do it, so we settled for some quiet time on the couch watching Zip and Sharko.  Then they played outside for quite a while.  Ashby got on her swimming suit and put the hose on the slide so she could play water slide.  Brooks was more interested in playing in the dirt with his mighty machines.

We also had a wedding reception to attend this evening, so we had to get everyone bathed and dressed.  The kids looked cute and were really good.  It was a dinner and fortunately they served burritos, which is one of the favorites of both of the kids.  They ate well!  Then we discovered that the nursery had been left for children to play and they played in there while the dancing stuff was happening.When we decided it was time to go, Brooks didn't want to leave because he hadn't had cake yet!  Fortunately, that was just when they cut the cake, so we were able to have cake before we left.

Back home, first order of business was to get into jammies.  Then it took a while to get everyone calmed down again.  Brooks was really tired, so we read a couple of books.  They both had a dish of ice cream (like they hadn't had enough already?) and then he was ready for bed and asleep within minutes.  Then Ashby and I took her stack of books into my bed and we got through about three of them before she was ready to sleep, too.  She slept in the big bed in the same room with Brooks.  She likes to have someone "cuddle" while she goes to sleep, but it only took about five minutes and she was out, too!

It has been a fun day, but I am exhausted!

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