Friday, August 8, 2014

August 7th - Hot Day!

My main goal for the day was to get some work done in the bonus/art room.  Of course, I did my usual routine stuff, like a load of laundry and checking the computer, before I went up.  Well, I decided to quickly check the email from Family Search about changes people had made to the ancestors that I have on my watch list.  I always check the changes, because sometimes there is new information and sometimes there is wrong information.  Either way, I get into checking everything about that person.  Today, I discovered that there were some good sources I had that had not been added to FS, and one thing led to another, and a couple of hours later, I remembered that I was supposed to be working on the art room.  Oops!

I immediately headed upstairs.  The bonus room is air conditioned, but it is the only upstairs room and is always hot.  We have a tower fan to put in front of the vent, trying to spread the cool air a little, but it does not really cool the place.  The problem, of course, is the open stairway, which is a funnel for the cool air to drop down.  But, with the fan, it is tolerable.  I got to work putting stuff on the shelves that are now up and in place.  I had been working an hour or so when Lisa texted that they were on the way over.  There are a couple of boxes that belong to her and I wanted her to go through them, hoping some would go with her and the rest into the trash.  We had a good time going through all this old stuff, including pictures, trinkets that she got as a teacher, books, and plenty of old school stuff.  She was excited to find a few things that she had been looking for - like the scissors that cut all the decorative edges and her other glue gun.

When we finally finished, there was some good progress.  Now I have a pile of boxes and trash to go out, a couple of boxes to take to Goodwill, and enough space to put the last two shelving units, whenever we get them put together.  Mostly what is still left is all the scrapbooking and art supply stuff.  I have gone through it a little, but there is a lot to do there, since much of that stuff will go on the last two shelves.  At least I can see an end!

After all that hard and sweaty work, I didn't feel like doing much else.  I ended up finishing my FS stuff and then just relaxing.

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