Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 30th - Family History Day - It's Wednesday!

I had a good morning at the family history center.  My usual co-worker could not be there, but she had arranged for a substitute.  We only had one patron today, but she accomplished a lot.  I spent a little time on some of my own projects, too. 

When I got home, and had a little lunch, I remembered that I was supposed to go to the library today.  I had planned to stop on my way home.  Oops!  So I made another run out to do that.  I had some books that needed to be picked up, but just one to return.  I can't figure out how I can have books on the waiting list for weeks and then they all come in at the same time.  Oh, well.  I will just be reading a lot over the next couple of weeks.

I worked on my own family history for a while this afternoon.  I am checking the changes that people have made to the tree on Family Search.  It takes a while, though, to check out each change and compare it with the information I have in RootsMagic.  It is worth it, though.  Sometimes I learn new information and sometimes I find mistakes that need to be fixed.\

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