Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 6th - Family History Center

Boring Wednesday, I know, just spent at the Family History Center.  We didn't have any patrons today, which is a shame, but it does allow us to work on our own stuff!  I am still working on a brick wall for one of the ward members and did not make any progress.

On my way home, I made a stop at the library, which has also almost become a routine.  Bill was already home when I got there, as his job was rescheduled, so we had a chance to chat before someone called with a request for some help.  Our dear friends who were in the terrible auto accident a couple of months ago are still in need of a lot of help.  She has come home, in a wheelchair, but he is still inn the hospital and will be moved to long term acute care, probably next week.  Bill went over to help water their plants and do a few little things outside.

When he got back, we went up to the bonus room and moved a few things around.  The twin bed is now on the other side of the room and the shelves we put together are on the opposite wall.  It is much better this way.  We also put together the last of the tall shelves.  That just leaves the two shorter ones to do, which will wait until I get a few boxes out of there.  I seem to work very slowly these days - just one little step at a time, but I will finally get there!

We ordered some Chinese for dinner, which we rarely do.  It was good though.  We only ordered one meal and a couple of appetizers and we still had leftovers.

So, my boring Wednesday was actually quite busy!

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