Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 22nd - Friday errands

I mostly did things around the house today - finished up the laundry from yesterday, dusted, etc.  I also ran out to do some errands.  I needed to get some supplies for the next art class.  We will doing some clay sculpture and I don't have a kiln, so I got some air dry clay, plus a few other things.  Then I went to the grocery store and picked up what we needed - a little bigger shopping than I have done lately.  Of course, that means unloading it all when I got home and putting it away.  But, all was accomplished and now we are resupplied!  Bill will probably go again tomorrow - there is always something that he wants that I didn't get.  We are still the "I buy what we need, he buys the goodies" couple - just as we always have been.

I spent the rest of the day mostly at the computer doing a few odds and ends.  I didn't get much time to work on family history, though.  I did take a rest late in the afternoon and watched a couple of episodes of "Lark Rise to Candleford." 

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