Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 9th - Day 5 - Roomie Reunion Las Vegas

What a beautiful morning - cool and sunny.  We started the day just sitting out on the patio, talking and enjoying the weather.  Then Maggie fixed us pancakes and eggs for breakfast. 

Once we got dressed, we headed out to Red Rock Mountain.  The rock has layers of iron that has turned the rock bright red.  Very beautiful.  We enjoyed driving around the scenic loop and seeing all the different rock formations.  In addition to the red, there were a number of other interesting shapes.  Some of them looked like the mounds we build at the beach when we let wet sand drip and pile up like big globs. 

We stopped for a while at the visitor's center and, among other things, we watched the desert tortoises that they have fenced in there.  It is an endangered species and gets a good bit of publicity locally.  We also bought us a souvenir in the gift shop - a keepsake for our reunion.  We chose a pendant of the desert tortoise that says "Treasure Friends".

We had a late lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant - very yummy, again.  After eating, we headed back down to the strip to see the Bellagio conservatory, which is decorated in a spring theme.  Beautiful, as always, with tons of flowers and the butterfly house.

We then made a stop a Town Square, a huge outdoor shopping area, so we could shop at Charming Charlies.  It is a fun place with tons of accessories, jewelry, purses, scarves, etc., all reasonably priced.  From there, we headed to Luv Its frozen custard stand and had some very wicked sundaes.

What a big day!  And our last - boo hoo!

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