Monday, May 5, 2014

May 4th - What a Busy Sunday!

Our morning started normal enough - except that Bill didn't have to go off to any meetings since he has been released from the bishopric.  He did spend a good bit of the morning working on his lesson for the priests quorum.  I spent the morning working on several things, like my own lesson.

Fast and Testimony Meeting was good, as usual.  My lesson was the 2nd part of lesson 4, so we were in FamilySearch, trying to learn how to use the Person page.  I think we had some good questions answered. 

After the meetings, we had a Linger Longer pot luck dinner.  I must admit that I was not too happy about this whole thing.  Actually, the list of "why it is a good idea" is quite long.  The list of "why it is NOT a good idea" had mainly one thing on it:  I had to cancel having the kids over for dinner.  It just so happens that one thing trumped the long list of good things, so I was probably the only person in the ward who was not happy about it.  I stuck it out, though, and brought a big pot of goulash (Bill's request) and tried to be pleasant and social. 

By the time we got home, I had about an hour before I had to take off again for a Family History consultants meeting.  That went well, and only lasted about an hour.  Back home, I still had to start my packing for my trip tomorrow. 

And then, to end my day, I just had to finish the book I was reading, since I was close to the end.  Made a late night, but I probably would have had trouble going to sleep anyway, since I am excited about leaving for Las Vegas in the morning.  (Isn't it amazing the talent that readers have in creating good reasons to stay up late reading?)

A very busy Sunday, with no time to rest or see the kids - makes it a mixed day.

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