Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 8th - Day 4 - Roomie Reunion Las Vegas

Fortunately, Maggie is feeling better today.  Once we all got up, had some breakfast, and got moving, we headed out to the temple.  It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed it.  The big surprise was that Joyce saw a friend who is serving a mission here.  The place was full of missionaries and she was in the dressing room.  She had introduced Joyce and John all those years ago.  It was one of those "tender mercy" moments.

We also had fun taking pictures afterwards.  As I said, there were lots of missionaries and a group of them was walking up just as we were leaving and we asked if they would take our picture, which they did.  Then we took their picture.  We all had a few laughs with that event.

From the temple, we went to have lunch at BJ's, which was very yummy.  Then, we headed back, got comfortable, and watched the rest of the Sweden mission pictures.  I really loved seeing Joyce's pictures and hearing all the stories that went with them.

We pretty much just relaxed the rest of the day.

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