Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19th - Family History and Empty Nesters

This has been a rather busy day.  I had one of my Sunday School class students come by for several hours to work on getting her going in family history.  She has been attending the class, but is overwhelmed with computers, so has not really done much.  I think we got her going and hopefully she will be able to take it from here.  If not, she will come again another day and we will work some more.  It is always fun working with people one on one, especially when they find something they had not expected!

Later, I made a library run to return some books and pick up some more.  I also stopped and picked up a watermelon to take for refreshments this evening.

This evening was Empty Nesters and we watched the movie, "The Saratov Approach."  We had seen it when it came to the theater here, but most had not.  We had a fun time.

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