Friday, May 2, 2014

May 1st - May Day & Strawberry Picking!

Happy May Day!  A memory from my childhood:  On May Day, we would make small baskets of some kind, fill them with candy, and deliver them to the doorsteps of friends.  We would leave the basket, knock on the door, and run.  It was important not to get caught!  I was usually allowed to deliver 4 or 5 such baskets.  That was enough for my mother.  It was always a big deal to receive some baskets, as well.  It was proof that you were important to someone! 

We didn't do May baskets today, but Lisa, the kids, and I did go down to the strawberry fields to pick strawberries.  They were having a special - a free gallon for each two gallons you paid for.  There were the four of us, so we got four gallons, one of which was free.  The kids loved it!

When we finished picking, we headed back towards home, but made a stop at Del Rio for lunch.  They do love their Mexican!  It was such a nice day that we sat out on the patio.

From there, they dropped me off at home and headed back to their house.  What a fun few hours we had!

At home, I finished up what I hadn't gotten done before we went, including three loads of laundry.  I even managed to sneak in about a 10 minute nap - before the dryer buzzer had me up again.  It was a "do nothing" evening, too.  We ate left overs and played on our computers and watched a little TV while eating.

What a great day!

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