Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 27th - A Quiet Day at Home!

Bill didn't have a job scheduled today so we had a day at home.  We needed to recover from all the activities and fun over the last couple of days!

I made the decision to mostly work on family history, while he did some other things.  I started updating my Smith files.  I got one side of that line done, but will have to attack the other side another day.  I discovered I am running out of manilla folders, so I also put in an order to get some more.  (I love being able to order online and getting free delivery!  I do hate shopping.)  I figure another day or two and I will have all my files done.  I will still have the Cantrell ones to do sometime, but I only do a little at a time.  It is more fun to be doing research!

I even skipped out on the Relief Society meeting this evening - how bad is that!  They were doing ideas for summer activities and places to go with children.  It sounded interesting, but I was just too lazy by then.  That means I even passed up all the chocolate desserts!  They called the evening "Chocolate Never Faileth."  Pretty catchy.

It was a good day and I am excited to be seeing the end of my file update.  Now to reorganize some drawers for them to have a permanent storage place.  Oh, the work never ends!

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