Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 6th - Day 2 - Roomie Reunion Las Vegas

We slept in this morning.  Of course, I was awake by 5:45 - 8:45 in Atlanta - so that was actually pretty good.  I just stayed in bed for a while though, checking email, etc.  I gave Bill a call, too, and we had a nice chat.  With the time difference, it is hard to call in the evening when he is probably already asleep!

After breakfast, showers, lazing around just a bit, we headed out to Hoover Dam.  It is supposed to get warmer each day this week, so we wanted to go while it was still cool.  We didn't do the tour, but stopped and viewed the dam at a couple of different places and took plenty of pictures.  I saw the dam when I was bout 16, so that was so long ago that I don't remember details.  What amazed me was how low the water level is.  It really emphasizes just how severe this drought has been.  I was also impressed with the new bridge that has been built across the gorge - it is beautiful and another piece of amazing engineering.  We also drove across the bridge and went a few miles down so we could see the bridges that were built over the highway so the big horn sheep could safely cross the road.

As we heading back to Boulder City, we stopped at the city park and playground to see if there were any sheep.  We were amazed to discover about 45 of the big horned sheep right up next to the street, grazing happily on the beautiful green grass of the park.  People were playing tennis on one side and a child was playing in the playground on the other, but the sheep just kept on grazing.  They were quite impressive, even though they are kind of shaggy right now with shedding their winter coats.  There were some lambs, as well as ewes and rams.  We spent quite a while watching them and they were fascinating.

We then headed on into the historic center of town.  It is a lovely town center, with lots of antique shops, etc.  We flipped a coin to see which restaurant to eat at and ended up with Dillinger's.  The theme was the outlaw Dillinger and had very good burgers and sandwiches.

After lunch, we went on back to the house and spent the rest of the day there.  Connie brought out picture books she had made with photos from our previous reunions.  We had a blast all sitting on the couch and looking at it and remembering.  She had made one for each of us, so we have a great keepsake!

The rest of the afternoon, we read, napped, talked, laughed, and generally relaxed and enjoyed each other.  We had dinner in - flautas from Costco - and spent more time talking, laughing, and relaxing.  To be honest, there was a teary moment here and there as we remembered things.

Day 2 has been another rousing success.  The problem is that we are all already worried about how fast the week is flying by!  But, we are still enjoying every minute.

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