Friday, May 30, 2014

May 29th - I Love My Quiet Days!

And I had one today.  I managed to straighten the house, do the usual odds and ends, wash 3 loads of clothes - and then I only did what I felt like doing!  Guess what that was!!

Yes, I spent the day on family history.  I finished the rest of the Smith files, the Cleary branch, so now all of my files are done.  Well, I do have a pile of papers that need to be gone through and sorted and filed properly, but at least the files themselves are done.  I managed to get them all into a file drawer, rather than in the individual file boxes.  I am going to have to work on that some more, though, as everything will not fit in the drawer when all is together.  I have several fat files out that I have been working on.  Tomorrow is another day - I will worry about it then!

I even had some time to work on one of those files that was out and made some good progress.  That is really when family history gets more fun - putting together the documents and other records and trying to get the story of their lives figured out.

Bill had an out of town job today, so didn't get in until late.  I ran out of energy in the evening and ended up watching a couple of episodes of Law & Order until he came home.  I was pretty tired, actually, although it is hard to say just what I do to make me so tired!  Having fun, I guess, is very draining!

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