Friday, May 16, 2014

May 15th - Stay at Home Day: I Love It!

I know that I am basically a lazy person - otherwise, I wouldn't love being at home alone all day quite so much.  Today was one of those days.

I did do a few useful things - like changing and washing the bed sheets, doing a second load of laundry, working on my office desk (major work, I must say!), straightening the house, etc., etc., etc.

I had a headache this afternoon - change of weather, I think.  No rain moving in, but the temp is dropping by 20 degrees, so something is changing.  Anyway, that led me to relax a little.  I did not nap, but I did finish the book I was reading, plus I watched a couple of episodes of Law & Order in the evening, since Bill got home late.

I didn't get any work on done on Family History, other than a little bit for Sunday class and for my book review at next week's Genealogy Study Group meeting.  Maybe tomorrow!

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