Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 14th - Family History Day - with a Mess Up!

Bill had taken the van in for some work yesterday, so we ran by to drop him off at the garage this morning.  Then I headed on over to pick up my friend and we went to the Family History Center.  All was going well until we tried to unlock the door to the center.  The key wouldn't go in!  We tried everything we could think of until I finally called the director and left him a message that we couldn't get the key to work.  Meanwhile, we went into the classroom next door and worked on stuff we had both brought.  He eventually called back and said he would contact the PFR to get it fixed.  We stayed our full shift, just in case a patron showed up.  This was probably the first time that we were glad no one came!

From there, we had lunch at a pizza place next to the church.  We were checking it out and it turned out to be very good pizza!  I then had a couple of errands to run, so she came with me to the Dollar Store to buy graduation decorations for Ashby's party on Sunday and then to the library to return and pick up books.  I then dropped her off at her house and headed on home myself.

The rest of my day was more on the lazy side - some computer stuff, a rest (no sleeping today, though), odds and ends. 

It has been a good day, but frustrating with the FHC door. 

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