Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 20th - And I Didn't Vote!

I know - bad me.  I had every intention of going to vote in the primary today, but I just couldn't get myself out the door.  I have probably only missed voting a couple of times in my life - so now I must add one more time.  The problem?  Lazy - probably.  Fed up - certainly.  I will make a better effort in the run-off.

What I did spend my day doing was family history.  Well, I did a couple of loads of laundry and the usual "have to" stuff, but mostly I worked on my files.  I have been updating my files - making a few changes and getting them more consistent.  I have four files - one for each grandparent line.  Two were completed a while back.  Today I completed the third.  It just takes a while to get each file set up and the right stuff copied, etc.  Looks nice, though!  And so much easier to use than what I had done before.  One of these days, I will tackle the fourth file.  Then, someday, I will attack Bill's side.  Lots of work, but lots of fun.

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