Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 5th - Day 1 - Roomie Reunion Las Vegas

NOTE: I am not always getting my posts up every day, but I will get them there - I am getting the posts done, just not the uploading.

The first thing I want to mention is that 55 years ago today, I was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I was 12 years old, and it has made all the difference in my life.  I am grateful for all the blessings that have come since.

One of those blessings was attending BYU and being randomly put with 5 other freshmen in Heritage Halls.  Three of them have become some of my closest friends ever.  And, this week we are spending in Las Vegas together.  Excited!!

Bill and I left the house about 7:30 this morning on our way to the airport.  My plane left, right on time, at 10:40.  It was due to get in to LV about 12:15, but we made it about a half hour early.  That may have been because of a medical emergency that occurred on board.  A man had a seizure and passed out.  They were at the front of the plane and I was toward the middle, so didn't see anything.  But, I knew something was up when the asked if there were any people with medical training on board.  There were, and they must have handled everything OK.  I am wondering if the plane was given clearance to speed up a little in order to get in to the airport as quickly as possible. 

When we landed, we had to stay seated until they had taken care of the emergency.  Then I was able to head down to baggage claim where Connie and Maggie were waiting.  So fun to see them!  Joyce was supposed to have arrived at the same time I actually got there, but her plane was delayed, so she got in about the time I was supposed to - kind of funny.  Important thing is that we all made it and are set for a great week.

We headed on out and found a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  It is Cinco de Mayo, after all!  The place we went to was offering a great special in honor of the day and I had the best enchilada ever.  Yummy.  From there, we went to Ethyl M's, which is a candy factory.  They were making snickers bars, I think it was, but not much really going on.  They also have a beautiful cactus garden, which we enjoyed walking through.  Many of the cactus are blooming now and it was really very beautiful.

From there, we went on to Maggie's house to get settled in and relax a while.  Her new home is lovely.  It was also good to see her husband, Charles, again.  He is being very welcoming to this houseful of women!

By early evening, we were ready to eat again, so we all piled in to Charles' big truck and he drove us down to the strip.  From the car, we watched a little of the Belaggio fountain show while sitting at a red light, as well as just having fun with the "people watching."  We were headed to the Aria Casino, which is new since we all got together last time.  It is huge and beautiful - just like all of them.  One of the restaurants is called Lemon Grass and it is Thai.  We were able to order five entrees, which were served family style, so we ate all of them.  It was the best Thai I have had- so good.

After a walk around the Aria, including some pictures at their big wall of water, we drove down the strip on our way back to the house.  What a great evening.

By then, we were all pretty tired - especially me, dealing with a 3 hour time change, so we went on to bed fairly soon.

Day 1 has been a spectacular success!!

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