Monday, May 19, 2014

May 18th - Graduation Party!

Ashby had wanted a party for her kindergarten graduation, so we had that today.  I had gotten some decorations from the dollar store.  In her mind, decorations means a party.  One of the things was a sign to stick in the front yard.  When she saw that, she got so excited!  Coming in the front door, she almost ran past us to get a look at the rest of the decorations.  Very funny.  There wasn't much, but it was enough.

For dinner, we grilled brats and boneless chicken thighs.  Because of the rain, I used the indoor grill.  Of course, mac and cheese were on the menu, too, along with some veggies.  For our big dessert, we had chocolate fondue.  She was over the top excited about that, too.  Actually, everyone was!

It was a fun party.  We didn't do much other than what we always do on Sunday evenings, but it was enough for her to think it was really special.  What a cute girl! 

The rest of Sunday was pretty much normal.  Which, of course, means it was the best day of the week!

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