Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 10th - Day 6 - Roomie Reunion Las Vegas

Well, today was heading home day.  Not so happy, but every good thing must end.

Joyce had the first flight out, so we drove her to the airport at 6:15.  Then back to MA's for some breakfast.  Jack picked Connie up and they took off around 9:00.  That left MA and I with a couple hours before it was time to take me to the airport around 11:00. 

My plane was a little delayed.  At least, the plane I was supposed to fly out on was delayed coming in, so that put us about 20 minutes late.  But, we got in to Atlanta about 8:40 (they made up a few minutes) and then we had to wait for another plane to leave the gate before we could go in.  I met up with Bill and we came on home, picking up some tacos on the way.

It has been a wonderful week.  I do so love these roomies and am forever grateful for being randomly placed together our freshman year at BYU.  We are now at 49 years - and still counting!!

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