Friday, December 7, 2012

December 6th - Temple

I started my day with the water aerobics class and then hurried home to get cleaned up.  Some friends, Jan and Hutch, picked me up so we could go to the temple to do some of my initiatories.  It is ward temple day, but it is hard to make it in the evening, so we did it this morning.  It was really nice and we all enjoyed being at the temple for a couple of hours. 

We stopped at Mo's for lunch - they had never even heard of it!  They did enjoy the terrific burritos.  Then it was home to do some things.  By later in the afternoon, I was starting to drag, so I actually got in a short nap again.  I spent most of the evening doing some family history stuff. 

It is always a great day when the temple is part of it.  I enjoyed the day, and enjoyed the time with my friends.  

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