Friday, December 14, 2012

December 13th - Babysitting Again!!

This was a typical Thursday - I started with water aerobics, then came home to complete four loads of laundry.  I had every intention of going out to run a long list of errands, but I got myself buried in family history and never made it!  Oh, well, there is always tomorrow.

Bill got home in time to go with me to babysit with the kids.  David and Lisa had their last class this evening.  She had made homemade pizzas, so we ate with Ashby and Brooks and then just played.  They are so cute!  Have I said that before?  Of course, they played "chase" for a while (running circles around the house) and then mostly played with the matchbox cars on the bench.  Bill got to do that this time.  About 8:00, I took Brooks up to get ready for bed.  I am still amazed at how easy it is to put him down.  Ashby had her snack and watched a video while I was doing that and then we got her ready for bed about 9:00.  She went downstairs to say good-night to Grandpa and ended up playing with the trains with him.  Lisa and David got back about then, so they got to try to get her to bed themselves.

A fun evening.  And a good day - even if I didn't get my list of errands done.

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