Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 22nd - Fun with Ashby!

Ashby spent the night and went to sleep so easily the night before - it was almost 11 when we got home from the ward party.  She wanted Grandpa to lie down with her for a minute and in less time than that they were both asleep!  She came into our room about 4:00 and did the little pat on the arm until I woke up.  I just pulled her into bed between us and she went right back to sleep.  It is fun having a little one cuddling between us!

By the time she got up about 8:15, Bill had already left for a job and I was doing some computer things.  She wanted French toast for breakfast, so guess what we had!  After breakfast, we got cleaned up and dressed and then our chores - making the beds, cleaning the kitchen, etc.  She wants to be right there helping, so that was fun.

Then we got to play.  She played with the cars and the mat a lot, although a few other things made it out of the toy closet, too.  Mid-morning, she wanted to go outside.  It was a bright, sunny day, but cold and windy.  She wanted to hide the puppets and then find them like in the video, so we went out for a little while.  I opened the garage door and she was mostly in there, hiding the puppets over and over again.  When our cheeks started getting cold, we went back in.

She was hungry again, and for her treat she only wanted ice cream.  Figure that, after being out in the cold!  But she ate it all gone.  Then it was back to playing some more.

About noon, Lisa and Brooks came over.  They had already had lunch, but Ashby and I still needed to eat.  Then Brooks went down for his nap and Lisa curled up in the big chair and fell asleep, too.  Ashby just kept playing!  Her mom had turned on NickJr, so in between playing, she watched a little.

When everyone was awake again, Lisa ran off to do a couple of errands and then they all went home.  We had such a good time and Ashby was sweet and easy to have around.  Other than wanting someone to play with her a lot, that is.  Then again, she is staying over to spend special time with Grandma and Grandpa, so of course, we are going to play!

Bill got home from his job a little late and was exhausted.  I understood that feeling, so we had a quiet evening.  I think we are getting old - or something!

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