Monday, December 24, 2012

December 23rd - Christmas Sunday

Sundays are always my favorite day anyway - but today was the Sunday before Christmas and that is always even better!  Several of the college kids are home for the break and it was fun to see them.  There were lots of visitors too, as many members have family in town for Christmas. 

There was extra music as part of sacrament meeting - an organ solo, a string trio, and the choir doing two numbers.  The bishop was the closing speaker and, as always, he is emotional when he talks of love and the Savior.  It was a very nice meeting.

Sunday School class was on Exaltation - always a great subject and very appropriate as we think about the purpose of the Savior's birth!  The RS lesson was based on Elder Eyring's talk "Where Is the Paviolion?" from October conference.  We had a very nice spirit there as the sisters shared their experiences with prayer.

When I got home, the kids were all here.  Lisa had gone ahead and put the rolls in the oven and the rice in the cooker.  I had fixed a taco soup and she had even gotten the chicken breasts all shredded.  So it only took a few minutes to get the table all set so we could eat.  We had a really nice late afternoon and evening with them.  Bill got home late - we will sure be glad when tithing settlement has finished! - and played with the kids instead of eating.  (He just had a late dinner.)  Ashby and Brooks get so excited when he comes home!

When they left, Bill had to put together his Santa costume.  He has been asked to be Santa for a family in the ward again.  He will go early on Christmas morning and put out the gifts.  The children will all be hiding and will get to watch Santa come.  He has done this for several families over the years.  He enjoys it, but it does mean that he still doesn't get to sleep in on Christmas morning! 

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