Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 21st - Ward Christmas Celebration

I have been on the move all day and it has been a long one! 

I started with the usual household chores, etc., then had to take off to meet up with the other RS counselor at Costco to buy paper products for next years' RS meetings.

From there, I went over to Lisa's to get Ashby.  She will be spending the night and going to the ward party with us.  She was so excited!  She even had to pack her back pack with a couple of things, since she always takes that when they travel.  When we got to the house, she was like a little top - spinning all over the place.  I had a couple of chores that hadn't gotten done before I left, so we finished those up.  Then we fixed mac & cheese for lunch.

Following lunch, we just played - with the cars on the mat, with the play ice cream food, dancing ballet, and a few other things.  We even sat at the computer and played a game for a while.  She finally wanted to put on a video.  It is from a set of books we have that has a hand puppet that is used with each book.  She had the puppets and books out, and had more fun playing and reading along with the video.

Bill got home just in time for us to all get ready to go to the church for the Christmas activity.  It was a Night in Bethlehem evening and was very well done.  The conclusion was a play about the birth of the Savior.  Bill was one of the wise men and Ashby was so excited to see him every time he appeared.

We got home after 10:30 and got Ashby off to bed as quickly as we could.  She was so tired, she wanted to take a little rest before we got ready for bed.  Fortunately, Grandma is smarter than to fall for that one!

We had such a wonderful day - it is always special when Ashby is with us.  And she nearly stole the show at the party - with her ballet moves in the aisle and her conducting the singing!

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