Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 15th - Saturday Stuff

Just another Saturday!  Four loads of laundry - change sheets - clean house (a little, at least) - etc. 

I spent a good part of my day preparing the RS lesson for tomorrow.  The regular teacher had one of her children get really sick and he has been in the hospital all week.  He had the flu and when they thought he was about over it, he started saying his brain felt funny and then he became unresponsive and wouldn't answer questions, etc.  A trip to the hospital and a couple of days of testing showed the virus was in his brain.  He didn't know people, couldn't talk - very scary.  He was put on steroids for symptoms and started speech therapy, thinking it could be an extended recovery.  Fortunately, at the end of the week, he suddenly started talking again and knew his family.  He couldn't remember the previous four days, but at least he was better and got to come home yesterday.  We are all very grateful for that.  At any rate, she didn't need to worry about teaching this week on top of everything else, so I will be doing it since I couldn't get a sub.

We were invited over to some friends' house for dinner, along with another couple.  So, we picked them up and spent a great evening with great friends.  We had a lot of fun, laughing and telling stories!  Thanks for a great evening.

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