Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 17th - Lunch with the Kiddies!

My Monday started off as usual - mostly getting the house back in order after our fun Sunday with the family.  It wasn't really bad, so it didn't take long.  Then I worked on putting together the RS lesson schedule for next year.  I had a few other computer things that I worked on, too.

Lisa had sent a message first thing in the morning that she had coupons for free lunch for the kids at Chili's, so we met up around noon to have lunch.  That was fun.  The last couple of weeks have been so busy that we haven't gotten out much during the week and we enjoyed the time.  Ashby is still talking about the Nutcracker and trying to dance in the aisles!

When I got home, I worked on a couple of things and then decided I was too tired to keep going.  I have been so much more tired than usual lately, so wondering whether the thyroid is out of balance again or if it is trace remnants of my cold.  Either way, I took a nap for a little while.

When Bill got home, we went out to get a Christmas present for Lisa and David.  We got that all done and then stopped at Del Rio for dinner.  That means I ate out twice today! 

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