Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 24th - Christmas Eve!

Being the last day to get everything ready for Christmas, this house was a buzz all day.  Bill got up early and after coasting into the gas station on fumes, he headed to the mall to get the last of the gift shopping done.  He had a great time.  I hate the mall, so I have trouble identifying, but I am glad he enjoys it so I didn't have to do!

Meanwhile, I left early, too, to make the final grocery store trip.  I got home, put some of it away, and then started in on food preparations.  First of all, I got the Tex-Mex dip made since that has to go to the family party this evening.  Then I had to peel and cook potatoes, boil eggs, and snap the beans.  We will be having ham, potato salad, and beans tomorrow.  I got the potato salad all made and the beans are all ready to turn on in the morning.

I also finished wrapping the last two gifts that I still had here.  Bill wrapped the things he bought when he got home.  I think that means things are pretty much ready.

We joined with the rest of the extended family at Julie's house at 5:00.  We had the traditional Christmas Eve dinner of tacos and trimmings.  It was all good.  Later we opened the gifts and had a lot of laughs together.  We finished off with some fabulous desserts.  The kids all decorated gingerbread houses and had a ball with that.

It was a very nice family Christmas Eve!

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