Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 19th - Living Nativity

This has been a busy day.  Started the day getting three loads of laundry done and other things around the house.  Then at 11:00, I went to our RS presidency meeting which lasted a couple of hours.

When I got home, Lisa and the kids were here, which I had hoped would be the case since she had called earlier about maybe coming over.  She went out to do some errands, while the kids stayed with me.  Brooks was sleeping and Ashby and I played.  A package delivery came and it was some play food that I had ordered for her to play with in her playhouse.  She had a ball with that.  She played inside for a long time and then took it outside and made her playhouse an ice cream stand. 

Brooks woke up, so we were all in the house playing when Lisa got back.  She had noticed that Prospect Methodist Church was doing a live nativity tonight and she wanted to take the children.  David was working late and she didn't want to take them alone, so we had quick grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and then drove over to watch it.  It was very nice - more like a pageant than just a still nativity.  I have seen live nativities done both ways and I like the music and re-enactment of the story better.  Brooks liked the real animals - sheep, donkey, and camel - most of all.  Ashby liked the "real" Baby Jesus - even though they just used a doll, I guess it was real to her since all the rest of the people were real.  It didn't last long, and the night was beautiful, and we all enjoyed it a lot.

They then headed home and I had a chance to finish up some things that didn't get done while they were here this afternoon.  It has been a very busy day, but a really good one!

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