Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 25th - Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas Day.  With no children waking us up anymore, we got to sleep in and relax - at least until Lisa's crew arrived and all quietness totally disappeared!  I got dinner on first thing - had to get the green beans cooking and the ham ready to stick in the oven.  I had already fixed potato salad and I bought bread that just needed to be baked for 10 minutes.  I like to keep it easy on Christmas day.

We also had to put together the kids presents.  We got Brooks another Thomas the train set to keep at our house.  Getting the track together was a little more complicated that we had anticipated!  Ashby's gift was a doll with a cradle and high chair and the furniture pieces needed to be put together.  They were pretty easy to do and we were able to get everything ready before they got here.

Around 11:00, the wild ride began!  Their two big gifts were just sitting out, so they both were really excited as soon as they came in the door and saw what was set up for them.  You would think that Brooks had never had a Thomas set, because his mouth dropped wide open and he just grinned.  Ashby gasped and covered her mouth with her hands, she was so happy.  They started playing right away while Lisa and David brought in everything from the car. 

First thing we had to do was open the gifts.  Lisa also got a Rapunzel doll - the Barbie size version - along with Flynn and a couple of extra dresses.  Brooks got a bowling game, which he loved since he likes throwing balls so much.  We had gotten Lisa and David a very nice camera since their old one has seen better days.

Among other things, Bill got me a new bread maker.  My old one, which has been used a lot, died a few weeks ago.  Ashby picked out a diffuser (air freshener) for me from the dollar store.  They also gave us another stepping stone cement imprint with the kids feet and hand prints.  And, of course, the regular annual gift of a picture calendar for next year.

There were plenty of other things.  The kids had so much fun playing.  It is interesting, though, that it didn't take long for Brooks to have out his favorite old toys from the toy closet.  He kept going back and forth between the old and the new.

After dinner, we were just lazy and totally enjoyed a quiet afternoon.  I think almost everyone took a snooze while Brooks was napping.  TV was on and I have no clue what they were watching! 

Later, since no one was hungry after our big dinner and all the snacks that had been consumed all afternoon, we ended the evening with some chocolate fondue.  That has always been our traditional treat on the night we decorate the tree, but we didn't have it this year.  Lisa felt like Christmas was complete since we finally had the fondue!

We talked to Billy, who did not do anything, but loved his quiet day all alone.  He could have gone over to my dad's, but he liked the idea of just sleeping in and doing nothing.  He sounded fine when we talked, so we aren't worried about it.  It is just his attitude about the commercialism of Christmas.

It has been a great day with family.  We have a strong testimony that the Jesus was born and that he lived and died for us.  The Atonement is and was the greatest gift ever given to man, and we are grateful for its power every day of our lives.

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