Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sept 4th - Overwhelmed with Laundry!

Well, today I had to try to get back on a normal schedule.  I was not particularly successful, but I did get some things done.  The biggest chore - and the one that took most of the day - was laundry!  I had over a week's worth of my dirty clothes, plus Bill's from the weekend and all that he had not done while I was gone.  I ended with at least 6 loads, and they were all huge.  I got it all done, though.  Hurrah, for me!

In between loads of laundry, I straightened a little, and worked on some things at my desk.  I have been released from my RS calling, so I had to get materials together and organized to pass on to the new counselor.  There were some other things that had piled up, as well.

The rest of the time, I worked on some family history.  I had received an email inquiry about someone on the family tree and I was trying to make sure that everything I had was up to date and correct.  It turns out it is a problem line, so I guess it will take a bit to be sure I have it ready to respond to her.  I haven't touched family history for over two weeks, though, so I really enjoyed getting myself lost in it.

First day back - always kind of a let down, but I got through it.  Things should pick up tomorrow, I hope!

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