Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sept 13th - Great Entertainment

Once we all got up and ready (four people and one bathroom takes a while!), we had breakfast in the hotel.  Eventually, we walked on over to the Convention Center and got our passes for the Covenant America event.  They opened the main room at 10:50, so we browsed the booths before that.  We ended up with great seats in the 3rd row center.  We had paid for the front section and there were so few attending that we really had our choice.

The event started late and seemed very disorganized.  We did enjoy watching the Osmonds do their sound check and play around with the audience.  The other act that was supposed to perform never showed up and the speakers were rather random.  Most of them were pretty good.

In early afternoon, we took off and walked a few blocks to get some lunch in a section of town called the Poewr and Light District.  Then it was back to the arena and more speakers.  Actually, the event never took a break, so we just missed a couple of speakers so we could do lunch.

Later in the afternoon, George Dyer performed and his family performed for an hour.  They were really good and we enjoyed that a lot.  Then a few more speakers and the closing act was the Osmonds.  They were also really good and that ended the day on a big high.

We had gotten a snack at the arena for dinner, so after the show, we just walked back to the hotel and got settled in for the night.  It has been a fun day.

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