Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sept 14th - Breakfast with Nicole

We got ready and packed up this morning and the went to have breakfast with our niece Nicole.  We started at her apartment.  It is older, but really cute, especially the way she has fixed it up.  Then we went to have breakfast at a place called Eggtc.  Great breakfast and even better getting a chance to catch up with her and what she is doing.  She is in her 2nd year of graduate school for acting and seems to be loving it!

From there, we headed back to the arena for day 2 of Covenant America program.  In the afternoon, we headed out to get some KC barbecue at a place called Oklahoma Joe's, which Nicole had recommended.  When we got there, we discovered it would be an hour wait or more wait, so we went to another place. 

Then it was back to the arena for the rest of the program.  The entertainment was good, but not quite up to yesterday's standards.  The keynote speaker to end the program was Glenn Beck.  He was pretty good - at least, he was very entertaining.

After he finished, we took off to drive to Branson.  We got in around 3:00 a.m.  Needless to say, we were tired!  But, it did save another night's motel, since we are spending the rest of the time at a time share.

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