Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sept 24th - Nice Day!

I am beginning to really get back in my normal groove.  If I can make it to the grocery store tomorrow, I will be there!

Today, I started with water aerobics.  I have not been since the end of July, so it was fun getting back at it.  The class this time is huge, though.  We are hoping the Bogan pool gets finished soon, so all those people will go back to their own pool!  HA!

I quickly showered and got dressed at home, then headed out to pick up one of my visiting teaching sisters.  We went to Atlanta Bread Company for some lunch and spent a couple of hours just talking and visiting.  It was a lot of fun and I know she really enjoyed it, too. 

From there, I headed back home and finally got around to the usual routine things.  I had gotten a call this morning about teaching a genealogy class for a local genealogy group, so most of my thoughts were on that.  I had been told that it was to be "online research."  That is a little overwhelming.  I was glad to get clarification later that what they really want is more details about and doing research there.  I think I can handle that!  Problem is, the class is only a week away, so I don't have much prep time.

Bill went home teaching this evening, so I had quiet time.  When I finished up on the computer, I just headed to the bed to read!  All in all, that made it a very nice day!

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