Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sept 21st - A Rainy Saturday in GA!

This has been a rather lazy Saturday.  I did get a load of laundry done, furniture dusted, things straightened up a little - that's about it.  I worked on family history stuff a lot.  I am still going through all the newsletters that I have ignored, so I can get things cleaned out a little.  Bill put the popcorn machine together.  It was the thank-you gift for performing Jenn's wedding.  I am not sure where we are going to keep the thing, but it is cute.

This evening, Lisa and David dropped the kids off for a while, so they could have a date night.  Bill had to go to the youth conference dance, so I got to play with them all by myself.  Eventually, I got them into the tub, washed their hair, and they were having a ball splashing around when Lisa and David got back. 

It ended up being a good day, in spite of the rain.  Of course, I didn't go out to do the errands I had intended to do, what??

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