Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sept 7th - A Day of Weddings!

We were really on the go all day today.  It started at the temple where we went to share with some friends as they went through the temple the first time and then were sealed.  The have been married 58 years, but they were as excited as a new bride and groom!  It was a beautiful morning with them, especially seeing how happy they were as they were sealed together.

After a little session of picture taking outside the temple, we went over to Bill's sister's house to see if there was any food left from the earlier family luncheon.  We were able to get a honey baked ham sandwich and some sides.  Everyone else had left to get ready for the wedding, but we got a chance to see those that were staying there.

Then we headed back up to Dahlonega.  Bill was supposed to be there by 4:00, but we were a little early, so we enjoyed visiting and trying to relax a little.  The wedding was held at an outdoor venue and was a beautiful location and facility.  The weather cooperated, too, and was just about perfect. 

The wedding went well - no big mess ups!  Bill did a good job performing the ceremony, although he had been pretty nervous.  Jenn was beautiful.  There was a good turnout - at least 150 people.  A social hour followed at the barn deck while pictures were taken, then the reception in the barn. 

It all went well and everyone had a great time.  Ashby, Brooks, and Lizzie loved the dance floor and were out there all the time.  The extended family all brought quite a lively spirit to everything!  We finally had to leave, as we were both exhausted and still had over an hour's drive to get home.

We are happy for Jenn and love Jonathan and hope for the best things in life for them as they begin this new journey!

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