Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sept 27th - Campout!

It was just a normal day at home today.  Bill has a job in Augusta, so will be gone for the night.  My only foray out was a quick trip to the library to return some books.  Otherwise, I was doing usual routine stuff and working on family history.  I think I have my genealogy lesson pretty much outlined.  I need to make some notes yet, so I won't forget everything! 

This evening, Lisa and family came over to camp out in the backyard.  Ashby has been begging to go camping and they decided that backyard camping might be best for the first time.  That way they didn't have to do any cooking.  They borrowed a fire pit, though, so they were able to make a nice fire and roast marshmallows.  Every one loves a fire, you know!

In the end, David and Ashby slept in the tent.  Brooks and Lisa stayed in the house.  Everyone sure had a lot of fun, though.  At least, they were having fun when I decided it was time to climb into my own comfortable bed and read a little before sleep.  We will see who survives in the morning!

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