Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept 23rd - Busy Monday

I am beginning to feel like I am back in a more normal routine.  This morning I had plenty of house straightening to do, which is usual on Mondays after the kids have been here.  I did a little more than usual, though, trying to get things back to where they don't seem quite so neglected.

The rest of time, I was on the computer, mostly working on family history.  I was doing some things on Bill's line today and ended up spending quite a bit of time on his 3rd great grandfather Perry Green Magness.  I already had good information on him, but I found some more things today, including a 21 page detailed history about him and his children.  Very good stuff - especially since the author included footnotes, so I can find some original sources to verify the information.  I was working back and forth between Roots Magic, Ancestry, and FamilySearch, trying to get everything right.  I am trying to get more sources added to FamilySearch since that is what I am supposed to be using for my new calling.

I love days that focus on family history - and when I end up with a clean house, too!

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