Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sept 11th - A Waiting Day

This date always brings back the horrible memories of the Trade Towers and also the incredible stories of courage and service that it produced. 

We spent the day waiting to hear what the doctors had to say about Carolyn making the trip.  We did some chores, errands, etc.  We finally heard late in the afternoon that the doctor had just left her room and she was cleared for the vacation trip.  There are some problems, but not anything that will keep her at home.  Very good news.  We had talked a couple of times during the day and the waiting was awful for her, but at least it ended with good news!

We spent the evening packing our stuff and getting ready to leave very early in the morning.  We will drive as far as we can.  If we don't make it all the way, we will only have a short bit left in the morning.

Now we can get excited!

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