Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 2 - Day 7 - Reno Temple

We got up early to drive up to the Reno Temple this morning.  We had called ahead and reserved seats in the 10:00 session.  They do not require reservations, but they appreciate them.  As it turned out, the session was full and then some, because missionaries were there.  The Reno Temple is the exact same design as the Columbia SC Temple, so it seemed very familiar, although the decor was different.  It was a wonderful way to spend the morning.

When we finished there, it was lunchtime, so we found a Red Lobster and ate a huge lunch.  From there, we headed back to Lake Tahoe by the northern route, so we could go by Donner's Pass.  We were able to see the monument, but it turned out the museum is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we didn't get to go through that.

From there, we drove through Squaw Valley, where the olympics were held years ago.  We then drove on down to the north shore of Lake Tahoe and chose to drive around the west side again.  That route took us by Emerald Bay again.

Once we got back to the condos, it was mid-afternoon, so we rested a bit and then gathered in one of the condos for more talking, laughing, playing games, etc.  Dinner was kind of a "find your own" since there are plenty of leftovers and not everyone was even hungry!  We finally broke up the fun around 10:00.  Part of our discussion was about options for our next reunion in two years.  The Henrys are in charge, so I think they got some ideas to run with.

We have one more day in Tahoe and I think it is going to be a "lay low" day.  It is fun to get out and see things, but we really have fun just being together, which is why we get together in the first place.  We will see what develops!

Being able to all go to the temple together was a special experience.  It was a very good day!

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