Friday, May 11, 2012

May 10th - Busy Visiting Special People

I had another busy day today.  I was at home most of the morning doing the usual.  My biggest project was finally getting the pictures posted on Facebook from our trip to Lake Tahoe.  I need to go back and post some of the pictures that correspond with my previous posts.  Maybe tomorrow.....or not!

Then I headed out to visit my friend Melanie who is recovering from some surgery she had last Friday.  She is beginning to feel a little better and with another few days should be doing really well.  My biggest mistake was saying something that made her laugh and that wasn't a good thing to do!

Then I drove downtown Atlanta to visit my friend Judith, who is in a hospice with lung cancer.  I had not been down to see her for several weeks and I was feeling guilty, so I am not sure I was making the trip for me or for her.  Hopefully, we both benefited.  She has definitely slipped since I last saw her.  She is now pretty much in bed and her face is puffy from the meds she is receiving.  However, she knows me when I call and she knew me when I got there.  We chatted for 15 or 20 minutes, and then I could see she was getting really tired, so I left.  I really hate seeing her this way, but life often sends us obstacles that we cannot control.  I am glad I visited her.  It is a long trip for such a short visit, but many things cannot be measured in time.

This evening, we had a Relief Society meeting.  Turnout was small, but the meeting was really good.  Three different sisters shared some big burdens they have had to deal with in their lives, or are dealing with now, and where they found the strength to carry those burdens.  The emphasis was on compassion and helping the sisters to understand how to not only bear their own burdens, but to know how to help others with theirs.  The stories were very touching and I could see that each touched different people in different ways.  I noticed a couple of long discussions afterwards about some of the things that had been said, so there were those who were able to reach out in learning how to deal with their own struggles.  It was a worthwhile evening.  I just wish more had been there to share the wonderful spirit that we felt.

So, another busy and productive day!

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