Friday, May 4, 2012

May 3 - Day 8 - Last Day in Tahoe

For our last day in Tahoe, we decided to go low key and not plan anything important.  After all, our purpose for the trip in the first place was to be together.  Besides, tomorrow we will be driving back to SLC, so will be in the car all day.

Some slept in.  Carolyn went down to the club for an exercise class.  Some of us went over to the pool room and played pool.  By mid-morning, everyone was in the pool room, having a great time.  The last game was just the girls, which game took quite a long time!  None of us are very good, but we all had fun.

At lunchtime, we headed back to the condo to do a leftovers lunch.  Since it was the last day, we needed to eat everything we could.  And, we did a pretty good job!  The rest of the afternoon, we sat around talking, playing games, reading, whatever.  We also watched a DVD about the 19th Mountain Division from WWII.  It was the ski and mountain team that went into Italy after training extensively in Colorado.  Quite interesting, actually.  We were all together and we did plenty of laughing, since it has to tide us over for two years!

For dinner, we went to Chevy's, a Tex-Mex place, which turned out to be very good.  The manager came by and we rolled the dice to see how much we would get off our dinners.  No one got snake eyes, which would have been $12 off, but all of us ended up with $6.  That was the total extent of our gambling for the whole trip!  We never even went in to a casino.

After dinner, we went back to the condo and talked some more!  We also had to divvy up the expenses.  That turned out to be $158 per couple.  Pretty cheap, actually, for food and gas.  We had all paid individually for eating out and for any admission fees.  Bill & Shirley had used their time share points for the room.  Our only other expense was the airline tickets, so it turned out to be a pretty economical trip.

This week has gone by so fast and we have had such a great time.  We are already looking forward to two years from now when we get together again.

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Grams said...

Glad you got your laughter therapy and had a great trip.