Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 23 - Not So Quiet a Day!

I had a great day - I had to babysit!  Lisa and David had something they needed to do, so they dropped the kids off around 9:30.  As usual, they were both giddy to be at grandma's house.  Brooks came running in the door and headed straight across the room to the Elmo box (a box of Elmo books) and wanted it out.  Ashby brought her newborn baby and couldn't wait to tell me how she got the baby dressed all by herself.

They were both very busy playing until Brooks started getting sleepy.  He didn't want a bottle, so I just put him in the crib and he went right to sleep - for 2 hours!  Ashby watched an episode of Max and Ruby and then played by herself. 

We saw Ethan (from next door) and his daddy taking a walk, so when they came back by, Ashby was out front to greet them and to invite Ethan to play, which he did.  They made chalk drawings on the driveway for a while and then went into the backyard to play.  They are so cute together.  He recently turned 3 and she is almost 4, so they are close enough that they play well together.  When Ethan had to go home for lunch, Ashby came in and that was right when Brooks woke up. 

I had just finished changing his diaper when Lisa and David got back.  It was 12:30 by then and the kids hadn't had lunch yet, but they went on home to eat.  It was a lot of fun and they were both so incredibly good!  Grandchildren are the purpose of life!!!

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing my usual tasks - all those things that didn't get done in the morning!  I watched a couple of more episodes of Edward the King while I had lunch and then popcorn in the evening.  I finished my book, Empress of the Seven Hills by Kate Quinn.  It is an historical novel about ancient Rome and was very entertaining.  I was surprised how much of it was historical; even most of the characters were historical, although the author took some liberties and interpreted some things to suit the story.  It was still a good read.

And that was my day - not quite so quiet as the last couple, but certainly a lot of fun!

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