Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 19th - Simply Saturday

Today was a normal Saturday - whatever that is!  In my case, I washed the sheets on the bed, dusted, cleaned bathrooms, straightened rest of house, etc.  I had cleaned so well on Monday that I chose to skip some of the cleaning today.  Two blessings of getting older: 1) no children around to make messes anymore (which is why it is so fun when grandchildren visit!), and 2) can't see well enough to know that there is even any dust there!

I did run out on a few errands, particularly a run to the dollar store to pick up a few things I needed for gift bags for the girls who are graduating.  They will be recognized in RS tomorrow morning.  I got the bags put together - five of them. 

I also had to plan what we will have for Sunday dinner.  I don't cook much anymore, so it is a bigger deal than it used to be to make dinner plans.  Plus, I want to make Sunday dinner a little special since the kids always come over.  We will be grilling out again - I checked the weather report this time to make sure it wasn't going to rain again!

The rest of my day was mostly spent at the computer.  There are always some things I need to do with my calling in RS.  I follow several blogs and write a couple myself.  I also did a bunch of indexing.  I keep doing the Iowa census, hoping it will get done so it gets posted.  I have found some of my people, but can't link it to my family tree yet.  I also started watching a new series from Netflix.  This time I chose Middlemarch, a six part series based on the book by George Eliot.  I seem to really be into an England phase. 

Bill worked today, so he wasn't around most of the day and then worked on the lawn when he did get home.  Made for a quiet day, but I got a lot accomplished.  Now to go read for a while before going to sleep!

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