Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 22nd - Another Quiet Day

I got a lot done again today, but not much to really write about - just ditto, ditto, ditto!  I was thinking about that and realized that I am very much enjoying these quiet days.  I get time to do the things I really enjoy and don't have many time pressures.  Besides the usual house and laundry stuff, I did a bunch of indexing and spent a good bit of time on family history.  Not exciting, I know, but rewarding for me!

I read another story of a family trying to do a big memorial of some kind for someone who had died and I thought about life and legacy a little.  The natural response when someone dies is to make sure they will be remembered and that is often accomplished through some kind of memorial or event.  We did the same thing after Jason died.  We participated in Relay for Life for several years with a team named after Jason.  As the years have gone by, though, I have recognized that the memories that are really important are not the ones on earth.  He will be remembered by the many people who were touched by him and whose lives he helped to change.  He will be remembered in the eternities as a strong and valiant son of God.  I no longer feel a need to make sure the world remembers him - he is remembered where it matters. 

I started watching another Netflix series, too.  This one is Edward the King.  I still seem to be on my "England" phase.  It is starting out pretty good.  I am also deep into my book and should finish it in a day or two.  So, I keep my life very full and busy.  Sorry there isn't much to write!

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