Monday, May 28, 2012

May 27th - Great Sundays Just Keep Rolling Around

I can pretty much say "ditto" to my last Sunday post, with just a few variations.  Church services were wonderful, as usual.  At the very last second, I had to direct the music in Sacrament Meeting again.  They were ready for the opening hymn and realized the chorister was not there.  I got the "eye" from Bill on the stand and knew what he wanted!  The stake patriarch was the concluding speaker and I enjoyed his talk, as well as the other two.

I was the only member of the RS presidency there today, so I felt pretty much alone!  Attendance was very low as there were so many people out of town.  I think that helped.  Since we were so few in number, there was a particularly friendly feeling in the meeting.  Becky gave a great lesson on the talk by Elder Holland in last conference, "The Laborers in the Vineyard." 

When I got home, I found everyone except Lisa sleeping again.  They get out of church at 2:00, so just come straight over and then take their naps while we are finishing up our services.  It seems to work well!  I had a crockpot meal going (pork loin, potatoes, onion, mushrooms in a barbecue sauce), so there wasn't much to finish.  We mixed up some Jiffy cornbread (with creamed corn and cheese added to make it so much better) and cooked some frozen peas.  I learned the cornbread recipe from my friend Cynthia who sells Pantry Chef and is a fabulous cook!  We put a frozen dutch apple pie in to cook while we ate, so we had a great dessert later on.  It was the first time I tried doing the pie in my toaster/convection oven, and it worked well.  I just had to put some foil on the top of the pie part way through so it didn't get overcooked.  It sure helped to keep from getting the house so hot!

After dinner, we went outside as it was starting to cool off a little and the children love to get out and run and play.  They put on their swimsuits and we put some water in the little pool.  They didn't get in it, but they sure played in the water and had such a great time.  Ashby wanted Ethan to come over and play.  Interestingly, as soon as Ethan saw Ashby through his window, he wanted to come out and play with her.  Chad came over and visited with us while Ethan and Eric played with the kids.  It was a nice evening, other than the mosquitoes.  Thank goodness for insect repellant!

It turned out to be another great Sunday.  We do enjoy them!

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