Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mary 12 - Kind of a Slow Saturday

Being Saturday, there were a lot of things I should have done today.  However, other than 4 loads of laundry and the usual straightening up, I didn't seem to get much of it done!  I had some RS things to do that I had failed to do on Friday, so I did get those done. There were some other things that came up that needed attention, too.  I also did several batches of Indexing.  That was kind of fun since I hadn't done any at all since before our trip.

Bill was home in the morning and then had to go to the church for a baptism.  I had a tremendous headache (from the rain moving in, I think) so I didn't feel like going anywhere.  Then he had to go help chaperone the Mormon Prom in the evening - not one of his favorite assignments, but it goes with being in the bishopric.  He did say the dance was really nicely done and there were probably 400 or more kids there.  It is great to see so many young people all dressed modestly, dancing appropriately, and having fun without alcohol or other negative behaviors.  I think it is great that the church offers an alternative event to the high school proms.

While he was gone, I had some popcorn, watched a couple of episodes of Law & Order Season 2, and then headed for bed to read.  This was not a particularly productive day, but what can you expect with a headache?  I don't have many allergy problems, but the sinus problem is very noticeable when the weather changes.  I am just glad it isn't so bad that I can't function!

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