Monday, May 21, 2012

May 20th - Sunday Is Always the Best Day of the Week!

Just another usual day - only this time it was Sunday and that means it was a very good day.  I always enjoy attending church and feeling such a great spirit.  It is amazing how much that helps with the rest of the week!

Bill came down from the stand just as the opening hymn was ready to be sung.  They had realized that there was no one to lead the music and he asked me to come up and do it.  I am sure that he was afraid to ask anyone else at the last minute!  I don't mind, as leading music is something I have done for so many years.  Besides, sitting on the stand lets me see what is happening in the congregation.  Since I always sit in one of the front pews, I am unaware of what is happening behind me! 

The speakers today were a recently returned missionary and the high council speaker.  Both were good.  Zach had served his mission in Nebraska, which was not an easy place to find people to teach.  Afterwards, I told him that his description of one of the towns he worked in was much like my own hometown - 3,000 people and no one interested.  In my case, the missionaries knocked on every door in town, starting at the northern end and finally making it to my house - the very last street on the south end.  We eventually joined the church and here I am now!  I am glad they didn't give up before they got to the end.

In Relief Society, we had a visit from one of the stake leaders.  She was there to recognize the graduating seniors and to welcome them into Relief Society, since they will now be women, not youth.  We have five girls, but only one of them was there.  She is really a special girl, though, and should make the transition without too much struggle.  We also had a gift for her from the ward leaders. 

The lesson was on the scriptures and Danielle Harkness substituted for us.  She did a great job and I enjoyed it very much.

When I got home, Lisa and family were here and every one was asleep.  Brooks was in the crib, Lisa in the recliner.  David was asleep on his stomach on the floor and Ashby was sound asleep on his back.  They looked so funny!  After changing clothes, we got to work on dinner.  We grilled chicken thighs and had baked beans, oven fried french fries, fresh veggies, and homemade bread (the frozen kind), plus a few other extras.  Dessert was a razzleberry pie, which was baking while we ate.  All very good!

The kids played outside for a while and the boys next door came over to play with them.  Ashby had invited them to come over when she saw them in their backyard helping their dad cook on their grill.  They had a ball running and playing.  After the outdoor play, Lisa threw them both in the bathtub.  They played there for a long time.  When they finally took Brooks out, he was not happy and kept trying to get back in.  Finally Ashby got out, too.  She had brought her Cinderella doll and had her in the bathtub with her.  She was pretending it was Rapunzel and was playing with her hair that "glowed."  So cute.

Bill had to go to seminary graduation right after he finished at church, so he didn't make it home until they had already gone.  He hates it when he doesn't get to see them and they are always disappointed when Grandpa doesn't get home in time.  But, what can you do............

All in all, it was another wonderful Sabbath day - church, family, food.

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