Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 14th - Empty Nesters Again

Once a month we get together with others who no longer have children at home for an Empty Nesters family home evening.  Our house is the "fall-back" location if no one else volunteers, which means that most of the time it is here.  That was the case tonight.  We always have a fun time - chatting, eating, having a lesson or discussion, etc.  Tonight the turnout was small - there were 8 of us - but somehow we still managed to have great refreshments.  We just do potluck and never know what will show up!  For the lesson, we watched a couple of videos from the D&C dvd from the church.  The first was the story of the stone cutter, John Rowe Moyle, and his great dedication in helping to build the SLC temple, even after losing part of his leg in an accident.  Great story and very well done.  We also watched a video about John Tanner, a very wealthy man who joined the church and eventually gave all of it to help the church build the Kirtland temple and in other ways.  I had seen that one before, but it was still good.  It all helps to remind us how much we owe these early members who sacrificed so much so that we have the privilege of having the church today.

The earlier part of my day was spent mostly in cleaning the house, posting some blogs, doing several batches of indexing, and other such things.  It was a relaxed day, but productive, and ended nicely with a great evening spent with good friends.

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